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West Bengal Lottery has a unique Lottery System. West Bengal State Lotteries draw results published daily at 4 pm (Afternoon). For West Bengal Lottery Results, you can download and view lottery results on our site.

West Bengal Lottery Result 16 March 2020

11:55 AM

04:00 PM

08:00 PM

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How to Play West Bengal Lottery?

The West Bengal Directorate of State Lotteries was established in 1968 within the Treasury Department. The lottery conducts transparent drawings with the current release feed, and raises funds for the development of the state, while providing employment opportunities for those working in the lottery business.

  1. Buy lottery tickets from lottery agent and authorized dealers.
  2. Check lottery results from this site i.e www.statelotterysambad.in.

How to Claim West Bengal Lottery after winning the prize amount?

If you are lucky enough to win a prize, you will need to submit a completed claim form along with the winning ticket that you have signed backwards. You will be required to provide some information, including your name, address, lottery name, prize money, identification details, photo, contact number and bank details.

Any compensation and income tax will be paid before you win. Submit your Affidavit and Ticket to: Director, Directorate of State Lottery, 23A, N.S. Road, Fortuna Tower (9th floor), Kolkata. 700001. Read more about west bengal just click it.

Some Essential points have given below for Claim their prize amount

  • Full Name of the Prize winner and Address
  • Father’s / Husband’s Name
  • Profession
  • Name of the Organisation
  • Nature of Business
  • Rank of the Prize
  • Prize Amount
  • PAN Number
  • Contact Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • IFSC Code
  • Name of the Bank & Branch
  • Signature

Prize Structure of the West Bengal Lottery

Note that one ticket may win a prize from one rank only, whichever has the largest prize.

  • First prize: Rs 31 lakhs
  • Second prize: Rs 9000
  • Third prize: Rs 500
  • Fourth prize: Rs 310
  • Fifth prize: Rs 120
  • Consolation prize: Rs 1000

West Bengal Bumper Draw

The West Bengal Lottery draws six bumper draws each year associated with festivals: New Air Bumper, Holly Bumper, Nababarsha Bumper, Rath Yatra Bumper, Pooja Bumper, and Diwali Bumper.

Tickets are priced at Rs 6 each and GST is now payable on lottery purchase. There is also a afternoon draw which takes place in Nagaland Afternoon: 4:00 pm IST.

West Bengal Draws Timing

The 4 pm draw was held in the state lottery in Kolkata. The tune is also published in the DhanKesri Hindi Lottery Daily newspaper, which is available in Jharkhand, South Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Vidarbha and West Bengal.

Today afternoon most of the games are played by the West Bengal State Lottery. Every day of the week is a different game, and the draw is known by many different names. All games are drawn every day at 4pm.

Mon: Dear Banglakshmi Tista / Banga Lakshmi Tista / Bangashri Lakshmi Tista
Tue: Banglakshmi Torsha / Banga Lakshmi Torsha / Bangashri Lakshmi Torsha
Wednesday: Dear Bangbomi Raidik / Banga Lakshmi Ridek / Bangsari Lakshmi Ridek
Thursday: Dear Bangbomi Bhagirathi / Banga Lakshmi Bhagirati / Bangsri Lakshmi Bhagirathi
Friday: Dear Bangbomi Ajay
Sat: Dear Bangsari Damodar / Bangsri Lakshmi Damodar
Sunday: Dear Bangsari Achamati / Bangsri Lakshmi Achamati


The West Bengal lottery results also published in the West Bengal State Lotteries Government Gazette. The prize winners would have to verify the winning numbers with the result published in the Gazette and surrender the lottery ticket within 30 days of the draw date.

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