Sikkim State Lottery Result 28.08.2020 4PM

The Sikkim State Lottery has announced the results for the Sikkim Sambad Day. This was the first Sambad Day in many years and many had a feeling of anticipation in anticipation of the prize draws. With many drawing prizes worth millions of dollars, a huge number of people were on the look out to win and get their share of the prize money.

Sikkim State Lottery 28.8.2020
Name Sikkim Lottery
Draw Code 46
First Prize Rs. 1,00,00,000
Result date 28.8.2020
Result Time 04:00 PM
Result Status Published

Sikkim State Lottery Result 28.08.2020 4PM

The prize is split between different winners and they receive cash prizes in addition to the free lottery tickets that are so widely distributed through the lottery officials.

It was a lot of fun watching the draw because the jackpot prizes kept increasing with each and every draw. At one point there were more jackpot prizes than the winning numbers.

However, there are some people who are not so lucky and do not get the chance to win any of the jackpot prize amounts. The Sikkim lottery was also not able to reach its target number of participants. This meant that if anyone won, it would only happen during the special draw period on the Sambad Day.

Although the jackpot prize amounts are very high, the winning amount is not that much as compared to the millions of dollar jackpots that are spread all over the country. It would be very difficult to get a share of these amounts and some people are waiting until the sambad day draws to make their share.

If you have a ticket for the drawing but are not able to attend the drawing, you can get your tickets online and send it to the lottery officials. A lottery inspector will then verify the validity of the ticket and send you an e-ticket to the drawing.

With millions of people in attendance, there is no way that the jackpot prizes will be missed out. This is why this is the only lottery in the world where the lottery officials give an e-ticket to those who have not won jackpot prizes since the last draw and those who have won the previous jackpot prizes are given another ticket.

The sambad day draws are held from six in the morning till eight in the evening. There is no particular drawing pattern and there is no restriction on how many times you must visit the drawing location.

The jackpot prize is decided after the drawing period is over and the jackpot winner is selected by the state lottery official. The jackpot can increase or decrease depending on the number of people who visited the drawing location at the designated locations. In case of a draw that is held in the middle of the day, the winning lottery number will be chosen randomly. In case of a draw that is held at night, the jackpot winner will be drawn in advance.

The jackpot prizes can vary in price depending on the jackpot prize amount. One can buy the tickets in bulk and sell them at a profit when they increase in value.

Steps to Download Sikkim Lottery Result Today 28.8.2020

The ticket buyers are requested to follow the below steps to check the Sikkim lottery result today at 28.8.2020. These steps will help you to find the correct result on time.

Step 1: Go to the Sikkim Lotteries official website at

Step 2: Click the Lottery Result Option.

Step 3: Find “Sikkim Lottery Result 28/08/2020″

Step 4: Click the Today Sikkim State Lottery Result View link.

Step 5: Check your lottery number whether you won or defeat.

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